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Solar Street Light


Solar Street Light


We are committed to providing the best solar lighting solutions
Make the smartest investment for your solar project
Your solar light specialist for all-in-one solar lights.

Patent Pending Design
 We have carefully studied and crafted the shape and design of our product to optimize all construction and usage. That’s why we have applied for a patent on our design.
No Cable Needed
 Make an easy, energy-efficient addition to your outdoor space with the Helios collection. Solar powered outdoor lighting is very user-friendly and easy to install and requires no cables. Perfect for outdoor patios, porches, decks, garden areas and more.

Lithium Battery
We use the latest solar technology to build robust energy solutions, and our lithium battery is designed to prolong product life.
Infrared Solar Motion
 Helios all-in-one solar street light provides high efficiency, low maintenance and long life. The built-in passive infrared motion sensor regulates the LED output to an optimum range depending upon movement near the light source, making it ideal for road side applications where frequent switching of lights would be an annoyance or hazard.
Lightweight Design
The Helios all-in-one street lights are value for money. The compact volume and light weight design helps save freight cost and installation cost. In addition, it also enhances the security of transportation by reducing theft risk.
 We are dedicated to bringing you the best products for your LED street light systems. Our products have been designed to prevent rust in your lighting system. We have a special technology that prevents rust and cuts down on maintenance costs. So, give them a shot!
Waterproof & Dustproof
 Our all-in-one solar street lights are made to be durable and are capable of resisting corrosion, dust and water. The best thing is that there is no need to worry about maintenance as they provide a long-lasting service.

Enjoy super easy to use, eye-catching and efficient solar power solutions that take your energy conservation game to a whole new level. 


Get your hands on INSANELY amazing solar energy solutions that are quick to install, easy to use and super efficient. 

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